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Tao Group Hospitality

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Tao Group Hospitality is the global leader in premium hospitality operating more than 80 branded locations in over 20 markets. From best-in-class cuisine, including Michelin-starred restaurants, to award-winning nightlife and world-renowned daylife, Tao Group Hospitality needed to enhance its digital experience to keep pace with exponential growth.

We started our partnership in 2015 with a small restaurant website project, quickly growing with Tao Group Hospitality to design and develop 8 restaurant and nightclub websites through 2017. In 2018, Tao Group Hospitality expanded our partnership to their digital agency of record, to handle all UX/UI design and website experiences company-wide.

Their goals were to enhance brand visibility, speed up their marketing efforts, and build a platform that could support the whole company and all sub-brand websites.


Our Strategy

Hospitality hits the web

With Tao Group Hospitality’s very specific needs, we went to work exploring some newer development approaches using the WordPress platform. We landed on an enterprise-level modular platform that our team created to give Tao Group Hospitality full site editing ability, with ADA accessibility and brand design rules for each of their sub-brands.

The platform we built uses a flexible content system along with full-page editing ability, allowing the Tao Group Hospitality team to build and edit pages with drag and drop through a series of custom modules. Sub-brand sites could now be built in a few days instead of a few months with virtually $0 additional development cost for new location websites.


Our Impact

A platform with new vibes and huge results

The results of our collaboration were nothing short of transformative. By implementing a modular development system, we streamlined sub-brand website creation, reducing time to delivery by an impressive 70%. The newly revamped website now serves as the cornerstone of Tao Group Hospitality’s online presence, harnessing domain authority.

Central to our strategy was the creation of a modular platform, empowering Tao Group Hospitality’s team with complete editing control without compromising site integrity. This innovative approach facilitated rapid content updates and the seamless rollout of sub-brand websites, all within one WordPress admin interface.

It’s noteworthy that the Tao Group Hospitality global site seamlessly integrates over 40 individual brand locations, each maintaining its unique branding and identity. This achievement distinguishes the website from others in the hospitality industry, where preserving brand identity across multiple locations is often a huge challenge.

Additionally, our implementation of a custom “mega” calendar revolutionized their event management, providing real-time updates across the website and iOS app. With filterable options and seamless synchronization with their Rewards app, Tao Group Hospitality gained unparalleled agility in event promotion and management, saving hours each month.


Global website and back-end admin


Individual uniquely branded location sites


Days average to launch a new location

The Future

A future partnership as grande as one of their rooftop views

Looking ahead, our partnership with Tao Group Hospitality extends beyond website development. Building on our success, we continue to collaborate on user experience design for their Rewards app, further enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

As Tao Group Hospitality continues to expand its footprint in the hospitality industry, Visual Soldiers remains committed to driving digital innovation and delivering exceptional results. Together, we’re shaping the future of online experiences for Tao Group Hospitality and its global clientele.

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