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Our approach for Gold’s AMP was refreshing for the fitness industry. We humanized the brand, making it approachable for users of all backgrounds and fitness levels by keeping it real, telling a story, and creating multiple opportunities for connection.

Our new brand strategy focused on the user’s journey. Accountability and follow-through are huge topics for those on a fitness journey, so we weaved those principles into both the language and visuals of the new Gold’s AMP brand.


Finding the balance

We wanted to keep the iconic bits of the Gold’s AMP brand, just find the right balance for their use in the identity. In the new visual aesthetic, we challenged ourselves to find a brilliantly minimal yet punchy ratio of black, white, and gradient in the brand. This way, the brand could feel light and approachable, but serious and authoritative at the same time.


Leading the team

We built the app experience with the knowledge that most people abandon interfaces that are difficult to navigate. With accountability, repeat dedication, and consistency being large goals of the brand strategy, we knew that the user experience had to be seamlessly navigable– not the kind of mobile experience that makes you throw your hands up in the air and give up altogether. So our approach was simple, clean, defined paths to the workouts and pump up jams that the fitness user needs to keep up the good work.