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Full Scope Project Packages

All of the stops. All of the bells & whistles. The comprehensive brand & digital, design & development project package.


When brands skimp on the process, it shows.

Whether it’s due to piecing together multiple agencies, picking and choosing deliverables a la carte from an otherwise solid process, or neglecting foundational brand necessities and barreling straight towards a website design– you could be doing your brand a disservice.

Example Full Scope Brand Project

Our process starts by immersing ourselves in everything about your company: learning about your business, industry, competitors, and customers. Exceptional design is rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges you face, which is why we initiate our approach with a series of insightful questions. The aim of this initial phase is to gain a clear understanding of your brand objectives.

We will identify what sets you apart, distinguishes you from your competitors, and defines your core identity, aspirations, and the perceptions your target audience holds. Crafting your brand is crucial for consistently communicating the right message to the right audience, ensuring it resonates and elicits the desired response.

Estimated Timeline:
1.5 weeks to delivery

Our strategy kicks off with a comprehensive analysis of your market, exploring creative concepts while gaining a robust understanding of your industry and competitors. We examine the branding efforts of three primary competitors, focusing on their messaging and brand strategies. This deep dive helps us uncover what makes you unique and ensures we position your business to truly stand out in the marketplace.”

Estimated Timeline:
2.5 weeks to delivery

We believe in brands that stand for something, brands that are rooted in value and driven by conviction. Through our discovery processes, we mine a brands distinction and carve out an ownable approach to the industry. A thorough and deliberate strategy ensures that a brands principles, vision, voice, and perception are consistent and resonant at every touchpoint.

In the discovery process, you get to put your brand under the microscope and examine the way it performs in the market. We analyze the competition, noting any saturation, repetition, or major pitfalls and steer your brand as far from those as possible. Each strategy is as unique and custom as the brand it informs. It’s as much a science as it is an art.

Estimated Timeline:
1.5 weeks to delivery

Our team approaches creative direction like artists with a giant blank canvas, every time. Outside-of-the-box techniques are welcome, wild ideas are encouraged, and only the finest visual aesthetic makes the cut. This is the process by which we cultivate and define a brand’s conceptual narrative based on its strategy and goals. We look past what’s merely trendy, discard anything arbitrary, and embrace all that is distinct to the brand. This is where we set the tone and set the standard for any creative to follow.

Estimated Timeline:
2 weeks to delivery

Once the creative direction is completed, our team will shift into crafting a new brand identity that elevates your presence and aligns with your strategic vision and goals. We aim to build a concept that reinforces brand recognition and fosters a sense of familiarity and trust.

Our final brand identity concepts will be meticulously prepared and provided through a series of design boards allowing your team to see the brand in real-world examples. Once approved, we export and build your final brand package.

Estimated Timeline:
1 week to delivery

We deliver every detail of a brand’s visual identity, documented and accompanied by examples. Well-documented style guidelines make sure that everyone who wields a brand is creating something that is compliant, consistent, and on par with the visual parameters set by the guides.

This is a critical portion of establishing a brand. Not only does it protect the integrity of the brand by enforcing a visual standard, but it also introduces more efficiency. Whether onboarding new team members, partnering with design agencies, or mandating a new visual lexicon at a corporate scale– having thorough and fool-proof brand guides in place guarantees a swifter, less complicated, and more easily accepted transfer of brand knowledge.

Estimated Timeline:
2 weeks to ongoing support

Brand & Marketing Collateral design covers everything from essential business essentials like business cards and letterhead to dynamic digital assets such as social media graphics, presentation templates, and newsletters. Whether you need a comprehensive one-time project to establish all your initial marketing materials within a project scope, or prefer ongoing design innovation and updates, we offer flexibility.

Opt for a full-scope project to get everything designed and delivered at once, or take advantage of our unlimited design subscription plan for continuous, seamless support tailored to evolve with your brand’s needs. This adaptability ensures that your marketing collateral always remains fresh, engaging, and perfectly aligned with your brand strategy.

Trust The Process

Trust The Process

Trust The Process

Example Full Scope Web Project

This can be combined into one scope of work with a brand project package.

Estimated Timeline:
2 weeks to delivery

The first step in building an immaculate website is user experience. Collaborating closely with your team, we thoroughly analyze the user flow, key website objectives, and overarching strategy. This phase involves breaking down and streamlining the current goals and processes to enhance the overall user experience. We utilize flowcharts and compile a comprehensive list of pages to ensure a complete understanding of the website’s navigation. Throughout this process, our team will identify and suggest global enhancements to capitalize on any opportunities for improvement, aiming to refine the user experience. We will concentrate on organizing the website’s structure, page sequence, and flow to boost user engagement and maximize page views.

Estimated Timeline:
3 weeks to delivery

We believe functionality and performance are just as important as fancy animations and bold aesthetics. Our web design process considers the user’s experience from page load to call to action, all the way to conversion and recurring site visits. Leveraging our detailed planning notes as a guide, we start our mockup stage, aiming to enhance the user experience for your website visitors by offering an engaging lifestyle-driven journey throughout the site.

Estimated Timeline:
Averaging 6 weeks to delivery

Mobile-first enterprise-level development on top of the WordPress platform. When we develop sites, we do it the right way…the modular way. We build a truly unique digital experience that resonates with your audience. It’s a powerful tool to showcase and actualize your brand’s vision.

Our modular platform means endless possibilities and configurations for your website. We build all of what you need and none of the added fluff. Let’s make your WordPress site not just a website, but a destination worth visiting again, and again.

Estimated Timeline:
Ongoing support

Following the initial launch, our team offers continued support, available on either an hourly or monthly basis, tailored to your specific needs. We can determine the exact scope of support once we assess your requirements. This support encompasses a range of services including updates to site content, modifications to existing code, implementation of additional features, as well as updates to core WordPress components and plugins. We also handle any necessary maintenance specific to your server.

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What will your full scope project package look like?

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Trust the process, trust us.
Here's why:


Clear Expectations & Timelines

With a full scope project package, we both have a clear understanding of the project's scope, deliverables, and timeline from the outset. You have the guarantee that your project will reach certain milestones by certain dates– regardless of iteration.


Comprehensive Solution

Full scope project packages include every deep-dive deliverable needed complete a successful brand & digital project from start to finish. You don't worry about piecing together different services or managing multiple vendors. We do it all. We know what deliverables you need, and those that you don’t. We provide the right plan of action.



By bundling multiple services into a single package, full scope projects can be completed more efficiently than piecemeal projects. This is because there is less time spent on coordination, communication, and project management. When we run our full process, we can deliver the project more quickly and with higher quality results.


Predictable Costs

Unlike hourly or single deliverable flat-rate projects, where costs can easily escalate due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in scope, full scope project packages often come with a fixed price. This predictability allows clients to iterate freely during the project without the worry of hourly burn.


Full-scope projects encompass all aspects of a digital project from inception to completion. This includes initial research, strategy development, branding, UX/UI design, web development, and ongoing support. Our approach ensures a cohesive and unified digital presence that aligns perfectly with your brand’s goals and user needs.

Starting a full-scope project with us is simple! First, book an intro call here or give us a call to schedule an initial call. During our meeting, we’ll discuss your project’s goals, timeline, and budget and make sure we’re a great fit for the project. From there, we’ll provide a detailed proposal outlining our approach, deliverables, and milestones.

The timeline for a full-scope project can vary based on the project’s complexity and your specific needs. We generally average 12 – 15 weeks for most projects, as we’re known to hustle. But some projects can take much longer. We’ll establish a detailed timeline during the planning phase, ensuring we align with your schedule and any critical milestones.

Yes, flexibility is a key part of our project management approach and we also try to get all stakeholders involved early in the process. While significant changes might affect the project scope, timeline, and budget, we’re committed to accommodating your evolving needs. We maintain regular communication to ensure any adjustments are seamlessly integrated.

Our full-scope projects are in depth, personalized to your brand, and follow a design/development process with 10+ years of successful project deliveries. We’re not just a service provider; we’re your strategic partner, ensuring that every aspect of the project aligns with your broader business objectives and enhances your brand’s digital presence.

After your project is launched, we offer various support plans to ensure your digital assets continue to perform optimally. This includes hourly or monthly plans for routine maintenance, updates, and design or development changes to help you adapt and grow based on user feedback and evolving market trends.