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1.0 SWOOP - BRAND - Concept A

The missing link in golf's food and drink

Swoop is on a mission to make more memorable rounds by giving courses and golfers control over concessions from the tee to the turn, and on. With two distinct target audiences, Swoop needed a digital strategy and a funnel approach to help educate and engage each audience effectively.

Swoop chose to work with Visual Soldiers due to our track record in crafting engaging digital experiences tailored to innovative services like their app.

Their goals were to enhance brand visibility, streamline customer engagement, and ultimately increase usage and revenue through targeted digital marketing.


Our Strategy

How we used Mailchimp to tee up top-notch campaigns

Understanding the unique needs of Swoop, we helped build and deploy a comprehensive digital strategy that encompassed setting up and optimizing Mailchimp email campaigns, enhancing the UX/UI for better user engagement, and implementing a scalable marketing solution.

We designed and coded a series of templates using the Mailchimp builder for easy future deployments. We also built out a drip campaign for new golf courses and one for new golfers to help educate users about the app and drive downloads and app demo requests.


Our Impact

A fore-ward Thinking strategy with big results

Our strategic deployment of Mailchimp for email campaigns significantly elevated Swoop’s market presence. The “Swoop at Pinetree Golf Course” email campaign is a testament to our success, achieving a stellar 69% open rate and a 15% click rate. This campaign not only heightened interest in Swoop’s offerings but also converted enthusiasm into tangible outcomes with 160 app downloads specifically from this initiative.

By aligning our marketing strategy with the forward-thinking brand identity we created for Swoop, we have laid a robust foundation for continued growth and innovation. Swoop is viewed as a top player in the technology delivery app market with marketing assets that truly resonate with the right audience.


Average open rate across multiple campaigns


Average click through rates on emails


New app downloads driven from campaign clicks


Demo conversions and 2 new customer acquisitions through the Swoop website

The Future

A more than par future partnership

Visual Soldiers and Swoop’s partnership exemplifies the power of strategic digital marketing in transforming customer engagement and brand visibility. With continued collaboration, we are set to drive the ball further to success, ensuring that Swoop remains an innovator in the golfing industry through cutting-edge branding and digital solutions.

Future collaborations with Swoop will focus on expanding their digital footprint through innovative social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and further UX improvements.

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