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Bringing all of the comforts of the club grill to the greens.

Swoop is an app and lifestyle brand that elevates food & beverage services at golf courses. The app allows golfers to make more memorable rounds by bringing modern culinary convenience and speed to a timeless sport. We partnered with Swoop to develop a poignant brand strategy, a truly distinct brand identity, and a methodical app experience.

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Buh-bye, warm beer and hot dog. Hello, old fashioned and brisket sandwich.

With the Swoop app, golfers place an order to have food and drinks delivered to their exact location on the course, or to be picked up “at the turn”. This allows them to have uninterrupted speed of play (a big deal for avid golfers) and also have access to a more deluxe menu of food and beverage options than what’s typically available on the club cart that comes around.

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a brand built to last

With Visual Soldiers, Swoop has evolved from being just a golf lifestyle app to being a successful tool in amplifying food and beverage sales, creating course affinity and brand loyalty, and providing a previously unattainable caliber of marketing and member outreach for club f&b.


Brand, app, and beyond.

Our partnership has extended to developing internal and external marketing campaigns, creating suites of digital assets to help courses onboard and promote app usage, and even helping strategically position and run activations on select courses.


Our work with Swoop also, of course, extended to socials. In addition to executing a social media strategy and assisting in content creation– we also explored new avenues of building an affiliate brand network, brokering influencer partnerships, and art directing/producing shoots for authentic brand content.



We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Swoop since near after its inception and have been able to help strategically position the brand and business for investment and funding over the years.

For the love of the game, branding, modern convenience, and beer.


Driving Success

Swoop has extensive initiatives to elevate and fuel the next round of golf with flexible, tech-enabled refreshments. To read more in depth about some of the strategic wins and partnership hole-in-ones we’ve swung with Swoop, check out our client success story.

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