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2018 Project Review

Another year has passed and, you could say we are wiser now because of it. We spent a lot of 2018 learning about ourselves and whom we've become as a company. We tackled some massive challenges along the way, and also fell short sometimes.

When we wrap up any project, there’s always some level of retrospect. We talk about it – what went well, what we could have done better, what did we learn during this process? Then we run with it. We evolve and bring those experiences with us into the next creative feat.

Each year is a project, a process, and a hustle. We apply the same project-level retrospect to our calendar years as well. Check out our 2018 Project Review for a quick selection of our work from this past year.

Reflecting on our clients, our process, and how the two interacted allows us to get an accurate reading on ourselves as a company, and where we sit in relation to the industry as a whole.

Our team successfully launched 14 new brand and website experience projects throughout 2018. Knowing our capabilities and the personal growth level we’ve reached makes us excited for what’s to come in 2019. We’re ready.

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Visual Soldiers

Visual Soldiers is an Atlanta-based creative studio specializing in branding, design & digital experiences.