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Redefining the rooftop experience

Tasked with the ambitious goal of distinguishing Rooftop L.O.A. from other conventional rooftop concepts, we did what we do best– create something unlike the rest, something that breaks the mold. We crafted a unique brand strategy, a refined visual direction, and a novel brand identity concept to set this space apart.

The challenge was clear: to create a standout identity in a crowded market, built for and attracting Atlantan leisure culture. Through our meticulous process and collaborative approach, we aimed to elevate Rooftop L.O.A. not just above the city but above the competition.


Logo & Mark

Elegant, luxurious, and alluring. To create the feeling of Rooftop L.O.A as not just a space but a destination, we designed the logo to exude sophistication and fluidity, subtly incorporating the essence of waves through the graceful curves of the “L” and “A” characters.

Working harmoniously with the logo but with subtle graphic contrast, we transformed the mermaid into a more abstract and artistic element. Designed to stand alone, she now serves as a complementary brand icon.

Color Palette & Font Styles


User Experience & Fluid Web Design

In crafting the digital presence for Rooftop L.O.A., our primary objective was to create a user experience that supports the brand’s strategic vision to create moments that inspire awe and promote leisure. The digital touch-points were designed to beckon audiences to the space through large lifestyle media and a simplified, friendly interface. We aimed to set Rooftop L.O.A. apart from similar establishments in Atlanta with a design that’s not just distinctive, but also embodies the high-end, authentic quality that the brand stands for.

Our approach included a dynamic menu designed to enhance SEO, an efficient email list serve capture to foster community, and straightforward access to information, FAQs, and contact options to ensure user convenience. Additionally, a dedicated News & Press segment was integrated to keep visitors informed, alongside seamless integration with a third-party reservation system, all contributing to a distinctive, user-friendly website that elevates Rooftop L.O.A.’s online presence.