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Multicultural flavor meets a modern user experience

Aziza is the latest brainchild from restauranteur, Tal Baum of Oliva Restaurants. Every detail in the restaurant, from the banquettes to the locally-sourced dinnerware, brings guests to the crossroads of Baum’s past and present.

We were brought onboard to build an elevated digital presence that aligned with the customer experience that Aziza provides to its patrons– a blend of Arabic and Israeli cultures.


Micro-interactions symbolic of the Mediterranean culture

We wanted to build an experience that was ornate, textured, and fluid in motion. Links include a wavy element and the navigation is fluid in motion representing the sea. The background textures throughout the site represent the sand and the rich history of Isreali architecture. We also included a mix of ornate elements to pay homage to the feeling you get from an Israeli family kitchen.